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Does nexplanon make you gain weight

Does nexplanon make you gain weight. Doctor does insights on: Nexplanon Weight Loss Share. I read somewhere it could make you gain weight I really do not want to gain weight.

PM me if you want to talk. But I had the Nexplanon implant in for almost a year Jul 30 · Please girls I need help. My mother wants me to go on the BC that is inserted in your arm Implanon Nexplanon.
Protein Supplement taken for Weight Loss Calcium taken for Weight Loss Weight Gain Weight Loss Does Nexplanon cause Weight Gain Do Saline Breast Implants Cause Any Weight Gain Common Side Effects of Nexplanon Etonogestrel Implant I am getting it taken out this week will the weight I gained come off as fast as it was put on Nexplanon weight loss - Could I be on nexplanon pregnant . Does nexplanon make you gain weight For Birth Control Before Nexplanon various pills most of which had little negative effect on me besides minor weight gain. I m curious if you re in a similar situation Find out more about Nexplanon Side Effects which include weight gain) after the jump.
does So if you have Implanon Nexplanon have gained weight please tell me! And if you have a different birth control, can you tell me if you gain weight Can Nexplanon cause Weight Loss . I gained 40 lbs in two months while on Nexplanon. Pages: 1 2 This entry was posted in Fertility | Pregnancy Drugs on Related Questions If you are skinny does nexplanon make you lose or gain weight?
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